Cascades Photo-Trek

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

On a day promising to be chilly, windy, and maybe snowing, the dogs and I went to the mountains. Well, more like close-to the highest points because they’re still snow-covered. Not daring to risk driving on snowy roads, we stuck to clear areas, lower near the Deschutes River.

In this transitional period there’s plenty of breathtaking landscape.

Winter trees
Doggie pack
Dense spots
Natural paths
Tiny survivors

The unpaved off-roads in after-winter awful condition are ditchy, bumpy, and difficult to navigate. After stopping several times to walk and having to struggle my Jeep back to pavement, we finally found a road more comfortable for driving and parking, and did.

Finding ourselves near a worn horse trail, we took that natural beautiful path into the forest.


As promised, a light snow fell in the mountains. We got caught.

Just because, it’s nearly impossible to resist photographing this interesting fellow.

Dear Friends: This delightful, refreshing outing has encouraged more hiking soon. Diana

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