Photoshop Trekking

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The dogs and I followed my “camera eye” to the city’s eastside, to a nearby BLM, where we wandered in a desert environment. The dogs raced happily while my eyes stayed groundward, spotting for young growth to record the onset of spring. There wasn’t much new, for what (hopefully) was our last snow only recently melted. Signs that the season is changing are tiny.

I’ve been playing with full-on Photoshop. Well experimenting, really. The complex, seemingly-massive software represents a sizeable investment for a casual user. One who will use Photoshop enough can gain sensitivity to the potential in photos. There are nearly-unlimited options for editing.

I’m a neophyte, find it satisfying and even sensational to have created a basic collage. The acts of editing, making placements, and applying colors didn’t come quickly. Photoshop forced me to spend time studying (and re-studying) instructions, and time experimenting with design elements. I prefer to learn with less effort.

The driver is my trying to create a website for Eight Pines Ranch, and hoping on my own to achieve that goal. The full-on Photoshop might be a necessity. Using it to edit means working with “layers” and knowing how to manipulate them. I’m just beginning.

Meanwhile, please enjoy yesterday’s tree sightings.

Dear Friends: Just a bit of learning transports one on toward newer visions and goals. Diana

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