Mountain Bluebird

Thursday, March 25, 2021

This will be short. This morning for whatever reason, Word Press had me blocked from my site. It’s taken so long to get in again, with slow help from “experts”, that now my brain is filled with angst.

Except that on my mind is the sad passing of Honey, a mixed-breed dog rescued years ago by my friends, the Gilberts. I’ve for years known Honey, one of the best trail dogs ever. She followed loyally and single-mindedly at Julie’s horse’s heels whenever I was riding with the Gilberts. And Honey always stayed nearby whenever I hiked with them. Long ago, they rescued Honey, a lucky pup, have given her a great home.

Their other now-elderly rescue, Chloe, still accompanies them on hikes, but she’s deaf and not strong for a long outing. They also have eight-year-old Nick, a litter brother to my Osix. These two dogs are beautiful, lovable, and each is a little quirky in similar ways. Neither is crazy about running with horses or going on hikes. Sometimes they’re into it, other times not at all. Distant gunshots frighten, send them running to hide. The Gilberts and I love these two, we shrug at their idiosyncrasies.

Julie says Honey was the best dog ever, as her company on annual touring and camping expeditions. She’ll look for another who like Honey will become a trail and camping companion.

We all “get it”, the difficulty of saying goodbye to a long time pet. The best, for us humans, is knowing we did our best in taking care of that beloved family member.

Dear Friends: Everything revolves around doing our best, in order to be at our best. Diana

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