Feathery World

Sunday, March 28, 2021

It tickled me to spot this Merlin falcon, an adult male, atop a high juniper and searching my territory. He’s the first I’ve been lucky to capture after several years. It was in 2014 that his ancestor and I exchanged memorable glances. Happily, my zoom lens caught that instant.

Having since not seen a Merlin, I figured the first was a chance spotting. Yesterday’s capture suggests I’ve been too lax about looking for Merlins. Starting now, my eyes will be wider for these wonderful birds.

Here, another couple of views of that 2014 Merlin.

And, another look at yesterday’s Merlin.

Both of these birds, for sizable periods, hunted while perching in one spot, and great camera targets. Now, hoping for more sightings, I intend to learn where these birds nest, and whether their appearances are often or seasonal.

Dear Friends: Sighting and photographing a special bird really makes my day. Diana

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