Chasing A Moon

Worm Moon (March 28, 2021)

Monday, March 29, 2021


Yesterday, March’s Super Moon was scheduled to be nearest to earth that evening and at its fullest. The “Worm Moon” appears every March, and this time interested both me and my adventurer friend, Susie. She proposed that we drive east into the desert to see more clearly the rising full moon. We’d meet in early evening and drive to the desert high country, to enjoy the special moonrise.

Yesterday’s weather almost bombed our planning. That afternoon was cloudy-dark with blustering 40 mph winds. We debated the possibility of any-at-all moon visibility, but finally shrugged and decided to take our chances. We made the trip east and under a very dark sky, until suddenly, Susie pointed upward, “Look, a bit of light!”

That was so. From behind clouds, the moon created a spot of light that showed through. We pulled onto an off highway road and parked where there might be good visibility. At that very moment, and in gorgeous drama, the moon totally broke through those troubled clouds.

We exited the car, having to brace its open doors and ourselves against the high, sand-blowing winds. We lugged the cameras and worked our way in darkness up a little hill and found the sky in clear view.

Living Art

Our photos captured that moon, it’s spectacular rise, the re-disappearance behind clouds, and finally, a glorious re-emergence. Witnessing living art transported us from the Oregon desert into our worlds of imagination.

Artists At Work

Thanks to Susie’s bold and adventuresome spirit, we found ourselves merging our collaborative sense with the dynamics of that extraordinary external event. The experience spontaneously excited our brains, setting them in sync, and enabling us to create worthwhile art.

Dear Friends: Special memories may seem enough, but preserving them with photos, Oh, my! Diana

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