Broken Top

Thursday, April 08, 2021 (19 days before April’s full “Pink Moon”)

Yesterday afternoon while mucking out around the barn, on catching sight of Broken Top I paused. From my viewpoint some twenty-odd miles away, its details seemed unusually vivid. Trying to understand why, I looked closely at the collapsed volcano. It was framed in late-day thin light. In the mild weather that unusual light revealed the profile differently. I went for my camera.

Broken Top on any day is an eye-catcher. It’s an identifiable, long and rangy structure among Central Oregon’s Cascades. It has standout jagged peaks surrounding its lower, beautiful center area. That spent volcano attracts hikers, bikers, and horseback riders, traffic that keeps it a busy destination.

Intrigued and hoping to capture more details, I focused-in closely and achieved this surreal image. It draws me in, tickles my imagination.

My direct line of vision from the barn to Broken Top always rewards. Its unusual profile attracts my gazes and stimulates my recalls of pleasant horseback riding there.

In these photos Broken Top seems more dreamy-like. The images stimulate new imaginings.

Dear Friends: It’s less about what’s being seen, and more about how it’s being seen. Diana

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