Friday, April 09, 2021 (18 days until April’s full “Pink Moon”)

While driving on a dead end-street, curious about where it might lead, I stumbled onto this emblem of the Old West. The wagon is parked in a weird place. One must know where to fine it, or like me discover by accident.

It’s nearly hidden in a large parking lot emblazed with No Trespassing signs. My first time seeing the wagon, I was trespassing. I had to use the no-trespassing area to turn around my vehicle and reverse direction on that dead-end street. I didn’t have a camera then but kept thinking about the wagon. A few days later I upped my courage and again trespassed, this time taking a camera.

The wagon in great shape evokes the period it represents. Sighting it makes a viewer’s brain dredge up images of this Central Oregon town’s early days, say that period between 1900 to 1920, or so. That period was true frontier living. This magnificent lumber environment really popped once finally rails were laid successfully the entire way, over mountains and canyons between the Hood River and Central Oregon.

Yes, this wagon is a magnificent reminder.

I love the local history and fortunately some of it remains evident. While out and about my eyes always are open to spot relics that draw up those old years and create a visual relationship to the past.

Dear Friends: Feeding arcane interests also teaches more about living today. Diana

2 thoughts on “Wagon

  1. Wow. That’s a great old wagon. I usually don’t like museums but was enchanted with the one down near Ft Rock — I think it’s called the Heritage Pioneer Museum? Wonderful items collected from that part of the state and beautifully displayed. Honey and I visited that area about a year and a half ago. I was on a mission to find new camping areas. Lots of unmarked roads and I still had the trailer so was reluctant to get into too tight a spot, vowed to get into a camper again. 😜

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