Neighborhood trees

Saturday, April 10, 2021 (17 days before April’s full “Pink Moon”)

I’ve completed a couple of serious changes. Quit a part-time job after working at it on and off for fifteen years. And, cancelled an online refinance project after my application lingered open for months.

Stopping work was difficult. It meant being among long-time friends less. Extra income is pleasing, but situations do change. It was time to leave and so I did.

The other event, arranging for a refinance online, began easily. The interest rate and terms were right, the mortgage broker was pleasant, and things began progressing nicely. Here’s the upshot, we initiated this process seven months ago, and clear to this week my app didn’t become closed.

The broker and underwriter explained that re-fi’s have slammed their system because of low interest rates, causing the longer time to close my app. Finally, I began complaining about the wait, they were reassuring that my application was in its closing stage, would complete in a few days. I waited but with continuing complaints and they reassured continually.

Here’s what got to me. Over six or seven months a life will change. One might marry, divorce, have a baby, switch jobs, and etc. Each time the mortgage reps requested updates to my application, they called for documents not needed in the beginning, maybe a way of continuing their stall. The lagging time became more problematic, until it felt best to bail, and I did.

So, there’s a new me, no outside work and still with a long-time mortgage arrangement. I’m relieved. The years have taught that when matters cause discomfort, it’s appropriate to assess, to zero-in on what’s causing the most distress, and then, make mind-easing decisions.

Sometimes I’m wrong, and after cooling down have felt sorry. But another six or seven months pass and much changes, for time introduces unanticipated rewards.

Dear Friends: Appreciating more, home and neighborhood, embracing what’s most real. Diana

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  1. We began a refinance process but we’re overwhelmed soon thereafter by the required paperwork so also bailed. Big relief. With fewer Costco contacts and hours, I hope to see you more often. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈβ€οΈ

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