‘ears to ya!

Sunday, April 11, 2021 (16 days until April’s full “Pink Moon”)

Little is like a first tasting Guinness Irish Draft with a friend who previously has visited the Dublin Brewery, and who loves the beer. So my friend, Susie, introduced me to the stout. She knows I’m a habitual Coors Light drinker and cautioned that I might not enjoy the brownish drink. Oh, but I did.

I learned something new and cool. It’s seeing a newly poured Guinness taking shape in its glass. An initial darkness at the bottom foams upward and on reaching the top produces a lovely head.

Thus began a pleasant sharing whatever came to our minds. Spinning ideas like the foaming in a beer glass, we reflected and predicted. This included drinks and eats. Following the Guinness a lovely Argentine Malbec perfectly accompanied snacks of good cheddar and fresh cheviche piled on low-carb tortillas. Yes, we did the event right.

What’s best though is the mutual confidence bringing us together. I air mixed feelings about suddenly quitting a job and dumping a months-long re-fi process. She loosens a preoccupation with producing and marketing her family’s Heliladder (www.heliladder.com), and instead, speaks of what she’s learning from books and movies, from her kids and friends, and describes her sheer happiness while adventuring outdoors.

Soon we’ll be sharing an outdoors adventure. We’ll be chasing April’s full Pink Moon, hoping to capture the sky’s beauty as that moon begins to rise. The days will be longer, and we’ll find how lingering light may influence our vision.

Dear Friends: If happenstance I drifted home a wee bit tipsy, t’was worth it. Diana

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