Lost & Found

Monday, April 12, 2021 (15 days until April’s full “Pink Moon”)

Who in this town knows there’s a street sign identifying itself as “Bee Tree Lane”? Did those in the know learn about that street by accident?

Well I did, while driving in an unfamiliar neighborhood. I’d chosen to take a scenic route toward my destination. Shortly thereafter and feeling a bit lost, I turned suddenly onto Bee Tree hoping it would lead to an area more familiar. Instead, I found myself on a dead-end short street and a small neighborhood.

The area surrounding Bee Tree is former farmland. The dwellings are fairly new. Annoyed about my wrong turn, I headed for the street’s end with space to turn around. I’m attracted to historical remnants and sighting yard ornaments from earlier times stopped me short. I got out of my vehicle and carrying a camera trespassed.

Get a load of this ancient Fire Truck.

Forward view


Behind the fire truck an old wagon with a team pole for hauling by horses. The pole’s length suggests that the wagon, fully loaded, needed a four-horse team.


There was more. These working mailboxes have posts of old farming equipment.

I’m concluding that there are few wrong turns. Even in places seemingly uninteresting, open eyes find rewards. For me, the photos are enough. These capture historical artifacts, record creativity, and suggest use variations to collectors of ancient implements.

Dear Friends: A rapidly changing world makes it essential to grasp our disappearing past. Diana

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