Nearing earth

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 (In two weeks, April’s full “Pink Moon” rises nearest earth, becomes highly visible.)

Disney’s long standing theme song originally written for the 1940 children’s movie, “Pinocchio”, is titled, “When you wish upon a star”. Sung by Jiminy Cricket in the popular movie, probably everybody worldwide knows the song and remembers its first stanza.

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you….

Today we’ve become much more familiar with astronomy and some events occurring regularly in space. Maybe it’s not too odd to consider that old musical image as less provocative and thus less powerful Nowadays, maybe we’re more likely to want to wish upon a full moon.

The April full Pink Moon is called a “supermoon”. Named so for appearing larger than average when its orbit puts it at a point nearest to earth. Its near position makes a supermoon appear up to 30% brighter than full moons normally positioned in the sky. Supermoons are about 221,905 miles from the Earth, versus average full moons at distances of about 240,000 miles. The approximately 20,000 miles make moon sightings quite distinctive.

Here’s the April Pink Moon, nearest to earth and eyecatching. I’m eager to photograph it.

To be honest, every full moon, those nearest or most farther away, draws me in, compels my vision. During a full moon’s visibility, I look to see it through daylights and night skies.

Having written this, I’ll be on searches for more or better rationale for wishing upon moons rather than on stars. While it’s a funny project, all imagination, we do want to wish!

Dear Friends: Childhood images have so shaped our lives, Disney was a true genius! Diana

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