Free Art

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 (13 days until April’s full Pink Moon)

As a sucker for souped-up old vehicles, I laughed on finding myself parking beside an elderly Dodge pickup. It’s painted bright orange, with a lowered body. Best, its energetic nonviolent decals render it semi-ferocious.

Here’s its front view.

Some of its fun decals.

This orange truck put me into mind of one I saw a couple of years ago. I was parking next to it and astonished by the creative modifications. Someone very artistic had it updated into a vision of gorgeous.

While considering these recreated and loveable vehicles, I recalled long ago spotting an old Cadillac parked nearby. This photograph captures a perfect paint job that confuses where it might rank on a beautifying spectrum.

Fortunately, the art world offers plenty for individuals to like or dislike, which keeps Facebook massively popular.

It’s great fun to behold art social in nature.

Label on the right says “Rusty Nutz”

Dear Friends: With time to gaze around, we find the big world offering much that astonishes. Diana

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