Etching Around

Thursday, April 22, 2021 (In 5 days, April’s full Pink Moon will rise at its nearest to earth.)

This time of year brings the “squeeze weeks”, the few almost too chilly/windy that separate the coldest weather from summer’s warm days. It’s a waiting period before I start working with my horses. It gets me tackling around-the-home filler-activities. Last year, I spent these weeks trimming trees, and cutting and hauling wood to the dump. This year, I’ve begun a different project.

I’m transforming my RV garage from years-long of storing hay and creating a workshop. The area will hold tools that having accumulated clog nearly very space in my attached garage. The shop is a cool idea, but raises a question, “What’ll I do with the hay?”

For the time being. That’s a set-aside for answering later.

Most of us remain somewhat in a pandemic mode. We keep near home and try to stay busy and productive. We navigated the worst shutdown period with reading, streaming, knitting, painting and drawing, zooming, Amazoning, and sometimes venturing out to shop.

I still enjoy reading a whole book every week. I still fiddle with artsy stuff, it’s fun though I’ve little talent. These are great weeks of having time to think about and to grow a shop. Another question: “What’ll I do with this shop?”

That’s another set-aside for later.

This morning while perusing newspapers, I ran across an article about someone clever. Fighting boredom in her most confined pandemic period, she played around, scratching with a penknife on unpeeled bananas. She was able to turn those scratchings into little art pieces, took photos, and posted them on line. That has made her wildly popular, gained her a following. She’s begun teaching on line, the art of scratching onto banana skins.

Here’s her unique combat against shut-in boredom, and images of her clever art:

Dear Friends: Creativity often just falls-out, as a by-product of just playing around. Diana

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