Huggable Three-Quarter


Friday, April 23, 2021 (5 days before April’s full Pink Moon rises nearest to earth)

The sky’s contents are on my mind in anticipation of next week’s fullest rise of a nearing Pink Moon. I’m wondering how to rise to the challenge of capturing the anticipated moon majesty with my woefully inadequate cameras.

Yesterday afternoon, on seeing the moon’s early rise in a still-light sky, I decided to experiment. What a pleasant surprise, to discover that my zoom camera could capture decently a moon bathed in natural light.

Very early this morning while letting the dogs outside, I felt a beckoning from that same three-quarter moon, now setting and beautifully so over in the west. I didn’t go for a camera, because my past shots of moons setting in dark skies never have captured adequately all I yearn to see.

Good photos from a camera, aside from effective composition, are one-hundred percent about light. Take the photo of yesterday’s afternoon moon in daylight. Its details yesterday exactly are what my naked eye saw early this morning.

To illustrate here’s that afternoon capture, after computer software has darkened the surrounding sky. This version reflects much I’d have wished to capture in a photo of this morning’s setting moon.

These thoughts move my impressions beyond the moon and to sky-gazing in general. In thinking about watching the sky, I’m recognizing that this activity is and always has been never-ending. Aside from specific pursuits like the moon, the sky is an amazing streamer of much that fascinates.

There are general activities:

There are specific topics:

Acquiescing to being addicted to sky-watching lets me shift away, to return to that specific, fascinating, coming Pink Moon. Can’t help myself, must stay tuned.

Dear Friends: This calls for re-reading Shakespeare, who clearly and best articulated “sky matters”. Diana

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