Broken Top & South Sister (view from the County Landfill)

Saturday, April 24, 2021 (4 days before April’s full Pink Moon comes nearest to earth)

In this coming Monday’s early evening, my friend Susie and I will head east into the desert with cameras. We want to see in real time and capture in photos the Pink Moon rising. We’ve been “getting into” super moon appearances, and have begun planning ahead. We’ll try to capture May’s Super “Flower Moon”, which in exactly one month rises nearest to earth.

Susie has named our team, we’re “Moon Chasers”.

A name to act-to intensifies preparations. Susie, an avid cycler and hiker, knows the community’s east side. She has information suggesting that Monday’s sky might be very cloudy and has been exploring where best to go for a view of Pink Moon’s majesty.

I, too, am spurred on, taking a camera everywhere and trying to remember to use it. Well, not just “use it”, but to practice applying the holy grail: framing, focusing, and lighting.

So, yesterday, a couple of photos taken from my vehicle while waiting in line to dump unneeded stuff at the Landfill.

Beside the mountains in today’s header photo, here’s another that satisfies.

Yesterday’s light came from a bland sky and emphasized subject features in interesting ways. After leaving the Landfill, I paused here and there to take random photos. These didn’t need touching-up and each speaks for itself.

Carriage lights

This one, intended to be a throw-away, instead became an instant favorite.

For obvious reasons, here’s my most favorite of all.

Dear Friends: Setting large goals forces us to prepare by handling the small related elements. Diana

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