Mixing & Matching

Sunday, May 02, 2021 (24 days before April’s full “Flower Moon” rises nearest to earth)

My resident Robin, I’m sure, because for the last week or so, a particularly active and noisy one has been working or hanging around the northeast part of my house. Anytime I approach that corner, the bird begins flittering busily from treetop to treetop, watching and chattering, probably because of a nest nearby.

I love Robins, plentiful and loyal residents year-around. I like to think of them as the “Border Collies of birds”. It’s because of the way that Robins commonly hunt on the ground. They remain still for long moments while listening for a prey’s movement, and suddenly will go into action–zooming and pouncing before flying to a fresh hunting spot.

Robins resemble Border Collies because of each has an instinct to fixate intently on a goal or an object. Each will freeze and wait for a right moment before zipping wholeheartedly into action. Looking closely, I almost see a Robin’s head tilt to listen, and it’s absolutely mesmerizing to witness an unwavering Border Collie’s focus and intent.

My Border Collie, Miles, wants nothing more than to be a herding dog. After years and to this day, when he follows as I ride horseback, I’m continually admonishing Miles to “get away”, “beat it”, “quit trying to herd my horse”. The horses reasonably are tolerant, but if too annoyed will kick out.

The more a challenge becomes, the more this dedicated herder tries to meet it.

His thick and beautiful coat will go bye-bye in a couple of weeks. His groomer will reduce seriously the current coat, matted, dried-mud heavy, and impenetrable, transforming Miles into looking like a plush toy. So, a future photo op will capture the “pure focus effect” emanating directly from a plush toy. That’ll be a sight.

Dear Friends: It’s fascinating that mixed types share so many similarities and tendencies. Diana

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