Mister Peachy

Monday, May 03, 2021 (23 days before May’s “Flower Moon” rises nearest to earth)

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook the above photo of Peaches and me out walking. Our long-time friend, Karen McCarthy, posted about an afternoon several years ago when Peaches and I visited her Madras Greenhouse. On that day, I captured this much-loved, “Peaches In The Greenhouse”.

Peaches has been more on my mind, because our veterinarian today will trim his flight wings. Right now, Peaches is fully-feathered, capable of flight, but doesn’t realize this. He rides dependably on my shoulders as we walk outside, but a sudden fright causing a fluttering could take him airborne.

We’re prepared for today’s veterinary visit. Peaches has a travel cage, loves it, and inside sings and dances, but it’s been months since last we used it. Yesterday, we practiced to be sure he’s still comfortable about entering and exiting. Here’s that genuine pro.

In response to my Facebook posting yesterday, another friend who’s long known Peaches wondered if he’s still noisy as ever. Yes! is the simple answer. Here he’s upside down, giving me earfuls about being asked to take a real shower. He best loves spray baths.

Aside from making too much noise, Peaches is fun, to play with or simply to watch.

From a past walk, this is one of my favorites. Peaches is admiring crafty neighbor’s artwork.

Peaches isn’t my home’s only bird resident. He has a quiet buddy, Gilbert, a gorgeous rescued racing pigeon.

Gil is lovely, a peaceful, easy-care fellow. Soon, I’ll write more and about both these birds, because I’m devising for each an aviary.

It’s long bothered me that in warm weather each should have more outside time in safety from predators. My research finds it mega-expensive to build an aviary from scratch or to purchase a ready-made. But guess what, portable dog crates possibly might be solutions. For gentle Gilbert, such a container could be perfect. But Peaches needs caging fabric strong enough to withstand his always inquiring, destructive beak. We’ll practice, stay tuned.

Dear Friends: Inside birds are eye-openers, every personality has amazing intelligence and awareness. Diana

6 thoughts on “Mister Peachy

  1. Please be careful with crating them. A snake got into my aviary and killed my dove by suffocating it in an attempt to devour it. This was in southern California and a non poisonous snake.


  2. Wow! I’m sorry you had that experience! Thanks for sharing and for warning about taking great care. Predators aiming to harm gentle Gilbert might not stand a chance when Peaches, spotting one, unendingly screams his head off. My birds barely would be outside on a small deck and together but in separate cages. I’ll be diligent.


  3. You made me aware of a need for more in preparing the crates. I will reinforce them with outer coverings of strong wire mesh, to make them impenetrable as possible, including safety from Peaches’ beak. Thanks, again!


  4. So pleased to see how handsome Gilbert is looking. Thank you so much. You take wonderful care of all of your animals! šŸ„°

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  5. Peaches is lovely! I so miss my African Grey Parrots. Do be very careful leaving her outside unattended as I lost one of mine to a raccoon. He was in his large steel cage outside on my deck in Bend. A raccoon bit his foot and the ensuing sepsis killed him.


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