Sunday, May 15, 2021  (10 days before May’s “Flower Moon” rises fullest to Earth)

Today I’ll be checking-off items on my new list, a “Sunday To-Do”. It’s about cleaning–carpets, windows, aquariums–nothing interesting or motivating. I need to overcome a condition that “cleaning isn’t my thing”. Maybe adding a pleasure item to the list will boost willingness to perform housework. I’ll experiment by incorporating something from another list, my “Daily To-Do”, and sneak in creativity.

The easiest transfer is two new related self-assignments. Starting tomorrow (well actually, now today), for fifteen minutes I’ll go outside and walk while remaining very thoughtful. Immediately afterwards, I’ll pen 150 words (amounting to about a paragraph) into a brand new journal. This daily process needs about a half-hour and feels motivating. On Sundays, I can escape minutes of housework, and everyday will make entries. These might become a collection of interesting observations and ideas.

Eventually, hopefully, and at least a little escape from cleaning chores.

To be honest, for weeks I’ve waited with a brand new journal and a type of pencil I love to make first entries. It’s too challenging while staring at bound pages to come up with worthwhile ideas and observations. Committing to and beginning to write never is easy. Waiting space bugs writers. A simple solution might be several daily minutes of walking and writing.

Today, there’s a word, “Liberal”. Does it mean: openhanded, self-important, overbearing, or warmhearted?

Dear Friends: Left-brainers get things done, a right-leaning brain needs lots of boosting. Diana

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