Day’s Highlights

Monday, May 16, 2021  (9 days before May’s Super “Flower” Moon rises fullest to Earth)

Yesterday a to-do list kept me accomplishing bunches, from pulling weeds and vacuuming to moving the lil’ chicks into larger quarters. The day ended with a few quiet moments in my recently created she-shed, which surprisingly is a pleasant retreat.

That huge space has stored hay, but I began rethinking that during Corvid-19’s home-staying months. A small acreage offers plenty for one to be outdoors safely from rampant germs. What got me rethinking was my house garage, crowded with tools and equipment and lacking space to move around and do work. If I wished to locate an item stored there, it meant beginning a tiresome search.

I opted to change things, and allowed the RV stack to dwindle before moving in items from the house garage. Eventually, the RV garage has wound up a workshop, housing assorted hand tools, studded tires, a variety of saws, winter-ready snow blowers, and lumber bits from past remodeling projects. Its tiny refrigerator keeps icy up to six cans of beer or soda.

Yesterday afternoon, I embarked on the first of what will become daily “fifteen-minute thoughtful walks”. I left behind a camera, so as to remain thoughtful, missing a couple of great bird photo ops (next time I’ll take a camera). Upon reaching my friend, Bobby’s, and spotting a rock next to a patch of Moss Phlox, I sat and wrote 150 words into my brand new journal.

Daily, my baby chickens get bigger and become stronger. They’ve been trying and became nearly able to leap high enough to escape their small trough. Yesterday, I transferred them into a bigger trough that holds 100 gallons of water. Its high containment sides will keep the babies safe until they mature enough to transport to an outdoor coop.

Dear Friends: Retirement is like taking a long vacation without having any feelings of guilt. Diana

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