Lovely Visions

Tuesday, May 17, 2021  (8 days before May’s Super “Flower” Moon rises fullest to Earth + an eclipse!)

Today is all about cuteness. This idea hatched as I downloaded a camera and discovered forgotten but enjoyable snaps. Any of these eye-catchers could stimulate an entire essay. Today, all will go into the pot and we’ll sip from a fun stew.

My wild bunny, a resident, is fun to spot and photograph. She nests under my barn’s haystack where last year she was born and since has hung around. She’s a clever one, even escapes my hunter-kitty, Maxwell, who (when he’s allowed outside) works to find her. Recently, this bunny produced a first litter and keeps a diligent eye on its nesting spot.

How about this bold Raven! It caught my eye by strutting across the lawn surrounding a cannabis shop, and way too near a busy intersection. From my car, while waiting for a light to change, I feared the bird might decide to try crossing traffic lanes. Watching turned into a good reminder that Ravens, not for no reasons, are known as “too smart birds”. This cool one lifted and flew instantly after my camera caught it.

Do you recall my having noted this spring’s resident Robin? That one, protecting a nest just outside my house? The intent being that focuses on chasing away all others that happen to land nearby?

This photo is brand new from yesterday, although similar to others of this sturdily-posed and beautiful bird. This striking Robin frequently warbles a song, loud and very sweet, that I love hearing. Although maybe it’s the bird’s warning to others, “Stay the heck away!”

I can’t resist including the beautiful, huggable Jade. This photo, not one I took, was sent to me. Jade lives in California with my second cousin, Cathy, who’s family are Pug aficionados. Ask about pugs and they’ll explain that these dogs absolutely are great pets. I’ve never lived with a pug, but know others who do and they adore the breed. This photo captures Jade’s strikingly wistful gaze. A person can drown in her appeal!

I’ll include this Turkey Buzzard in flight and hunting. It’s almost impossible for an autofocus setting to capture flying birds. Those hunting float on currents, moving faster than appears to the naked eye. Shifting breezes lift and lower birds, making autofocus nuts. (Full disclosure, I don’t know how manually to operate my zoom camera.) Anyway this bird circled repeatedly over my house, and yet, stayed in range. Finally, it lowered enough for an image–not great but one that thrills.

Yesterday, ah yes, I did as planned. Went out to take a daily fifteen minute “walk of thoughtfulness”. This time, with a camera and a companion. Of course, facing potential photo ops and managing a pooch, I couldn’t stay deeply in thought. Broke the rules and had fun.

My neighbor and friend, Johnny, driving by stopped his truck. He reminded me to go down the road for taking close-up photos of Patterson’s old barn. “Just hold your camera right up and nearly against that aged wood”, he said, adding, “I’m seeing pictures for sale showing panels of wood without anything more in the frame.”

His contagious enthusiasm will interfere with today’s intended animal focus. Now, about that wood.

Louie and I continued on to Patterson’s old place. We crawled through a break in the ancient fencing, and yes were trespassing, which always I try to avoid. I wanted to offset an appearance of being there to vandalize, so held the camera very high and pointing toward the barns. I took lots of photos.

Johnny correctly has zeroed-in on those barn woods. They’re very pretty, here’s evidence.

BTW, after coming home, I did manage to scribble into my Journal another 150 words. Whew!

Speaking of words, today’s is “Ambiguity”. Does it mean (1) uncertainty, (2) dubiousness, (3) under-specification, (4) vagueness, (5) borderline?

Dear Friends: Embracing another dimension, the fun art of going out and just playing about! Diana

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