Adult Sandpile

Saturday, May 22, 2021  (4 days before May’s Super “Flower” Moon rises fullest to Earth + total eclipse!)

With an outside temperature close to freezing and the inside temp only a bit warmer, thanks to a Mr. Buddy Heater, Dale, Susie, and I initiated the newly refigured Eight Pines She-Shed.

This initiation was planned as a simultaneous way of celebrating summer’s arrival. But Nature played one of her tricks and continuous heavy rain backdropped our beer popping, snacking, and story-swapping. Mr. Buddy thankfully offset the chill and we ignored the rooftop’s intruding racket.

There’s installed a little red cooler, found it at Bi-Mart for about $30. It holds up to six cans, of whatever, and also, is portable, chills contents either plugged into a wall or vehicle battery. Next week, it’s capability will be tested on a road trip to Oregon’s Painted Desert.

In the photo behind RedBox, a couple of stained glass windows are long-ago gifts from a friend in California. In the shed remains a little hay, but otherwise, it’s interior adornments are a chop saw, table saw, belt sander, drill press, and assorted hand tools.

You’d think that the mix of hay and tools along with rain pounding against the shed, would discourage anyone from being inside. For sure, our outerwear stayed on as we huddled around Mr. Buddy, but Susie and Dale are intrepid adventurers, troopers, and great friends. I loved that they were on board to make She-Shed’s beginning fun and memorable.

Speaking of Mr. Buddy, and fortunately, Dale knew how to change a propane cylinder, and even better, how to restart the heating.

As to photography, I took it easy, and Susie recorded the event. Here Dale and I are hanging out beside a new “goldish” birdbath that earlier Susie had helped to assemble.

A side-note, the evening wasn’t to be a test of friendship. All afternoon, I anticipated the ever-increasing rain to discourage Susie and Dale from coming. Not those two entrepreneurs! Susie bicycled to She-Shed through rain, and Dale arrived in a pickup, so she and bike would get home safely and dry.

Thank you both, for the evening of wonderment and fun among bare bones inside a metal construct.

Dear Friends: Finding oneself with a huge, empty, unplanned space begins a journey of discovery. Diana

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