Flowering Moon

Sunday, May 23, 2021  (In 3 days May’s Super “Flower” Moon will rise fullest to Earth + a total eclipse!)

May 26 will be a remarkable day of astronomic events. First, a total lunar eclipse starts early that morning (1:45 a.m., PDT) and concludes at 6:00 a.m. Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles) will broadcast online the total eclipse starting at 1:45 a.m. The maximum eclipse is at 4:19 a.m., and totality ends when the moon emerges from shadow, at 4:26.

In a total lunar eclipse the moon passes completely into the earth’s shadow. The moon doesn’t completely darken as the sun has residue that causes a dim-glowing. The eclipse should be visible in Southern California to the naked eye.

Unless you’re eager to venture outside and look at the eclipse in real time, Griffith’s steam is a great alternative. You could watch (along with me) in PJs, while hanging out with a laptop, and dipping early into a popcorn breakfast. On Tuesday, I will post a link to Griffith’s online streaming.

The next total eclipse will be next May. In 2022, the new eclipse again will be made visible to everybody through Griffith’s streaming.

Later in this coming Wednesday, this final full Super Moon will rise, occurring very late that evening. Nonetheless your moon-chasers, Susie and I, are prepared. We want to go land a good spot to see and photograph that rising. So far, our previous Super Moon-rise chasings have rewarded our efforts with sightings that exhilarated and photos that excited.

Beginning today Central Oregon’s weather should improve. We’ve strong-jawed it through days of gloomy rain, hail, and near-freezing temperatures. Before those upcoming moon events, Central Oregon’s residents will be busy, replacing or trying to encourage new life from half-frozen plants.

Dear Friends: Space-X has many pre-sold future space ride tickets costing $200k or $250k. Am wondering what more gets tossed in for an additional $50k. Diana

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