Changing Times

Saturday, May 29, 2021   (June’s fullest moon [the “Strawberry”] rises in 25 days, on the 24th.)

The finished workbench! Has wheels and supports for shelving. Not beautiful, but a personal win.

It’s been many years since I fooled with carpentry. Going back in time to play with these tools is because of Covid-19. Recently my area has become less restricted, and I am fully vaccinated, but hanging around the house still seems a good idea. Especially if it’s possible to find interests offering fun and satisfaction.

Heaven knows, most of us have dabbled to find stay-at-home motivations. I think about the many pets that were adopted during Covid’s most restrictive period. Now, with restrictions being lessened, adopters are returning pets because, “There’s no longer time to take care of them.”

Maybe my days of sawing and hammering will be short. One reason may be the astronomical price of lumber with today’s mega-homebuilding activities. Back in the pre-Covid days, my worktable components would have cost far less, and I sought the cheapest materials. Even if one decides to bite the bullet and shell out for a key tool, good luck finding it in stock somewhere.

No wonder online sellers are doing blockbusting-well. A computer enables access to seemingly endless stock. There’s no wasting gas and time, no being among crowds, no seeking likely-unavailable items. One merely clicks and awaits delivery.

Dear Friends: The media are correct, everyday activities are forever altered and more expensive. Diana

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