Memorial Day

Monday, May 31, 2021   (June’s fullest moon [the “Strawberry”] rises in 24 days, on the 24th.)

Yep, that’s me on a bike.

Out of the blue I oiled-up my vintage Raleigh Robin Hood and hopped aboard, taking off through the neighborhood. Two-thirds of the way through my loop and facing a challenging hill, I managed to pedal all the way up without stopping. At top, I bumped into my neighbor Susie who was driving. We took time for a photo op and catching up with one another.

This event was significant because many years had passed since my last bike ride. During that old ride great pain overcame me, and shortly the diagnosis was cancer. Following months of worry and chemo, I achieved remission which has lasted. Afterwards my outdoor activity has been riding horseback. Recently, wanting to vary exercising options, I considered biking again but that felt scary. I doubted my ability to balance and feared a damaging fall.

I knew those fears were a joke. Without a second thought, I can climb on a horse’s back and balance throughout a ride. There’s not a drop of logic in the different way of perceiving a bicycle ride. Well, facing my demons and pedaling uphill without stopping is a big win. Susie, herself an intrepid biker, was there to cheer and capture the moment.

I’ll skip this morning’s physical residue from that event.

This is fun. A resting tiny aquatic frog is splayed happily atop the aquarium hideout. (The fish are Harlequin Rasbora.)

Not long ago on a whim, I adopted two African frogs, have thoroughly enjoyed their antics. The other frog is very curious and follows my finger as it presses against the glass and moves.

Dear Friends: May you be enjoying this long holiday weekend and summer’s warmth. Diana

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