Summer Plans

Wednesday, June 09, 2021   (June’s full [“Strawberry”] moon rises in 15 days, on the 24th.)

This should be the last day of rains. Yesterday brought downpours, great for plants but not me. I’ve fought the restlessness from staying inside through a chilly week by binging on streaming media.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warmer. I’ll start on two projects.

One is preparing the horses to drive. They’ll begin exercising on long-lines to get into shape. Driving will require shoes for them, and hopefully, our farrier will have them. He’s mentioned that material shortages and process-glitches make it difficult to obtain horseshoes. Regardless, exercising on lines is good for horses, and anyway, I can ride them. Driving is a bonus.

Another project is constructing a portable chicken coop that’s on wheels. My chicks are growing like weeds, now fluffy-feathered, and could use more space. A portable coop will substitute as a brooder and house the chicks until they’re fully feathered, ready for the great outdoors.

When it’s appropriate, I’ll roll their brooder to the outdoors chicken coop, where it’ll set allowing safe interacting with the adult hen (Welsummer) and twin dwarf goats. Once all are comfortable together, I’ll free the chicks.

In a few weeks, hopefully of good weather, I’ll achieve this summer’s key goals: horses in good physical condition for riding and driving, and a cute flock of chicks that roam with an elderly hen and two goats.

Dear Friends: I’ve been on the fence about driving horses this season, but desire wins over doubts. Diana

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