Thursday, June 10, 2021   (June’s full [“Strawberry”] moon rises in 14 days, on the 24th.)

Summer is rising, sun’s out and rain’s gone. At least for today.

My friend, Noell, raises and trains horses. Her special interest is the Appaloosa, a wonderful all-purpose breed. An Appaloosa usually sports a delightful spotty pattern, although some are solid-colored. Recently on her ranch were born new babies, two fillies and a colt. Today, I’ll visit her ranch and meet the little ones.

Noell and became friends shortly after I obtained my first horses. Over the years, we’ve ridden together and shared horse-and-family stories. Last year and about the same time, each of us suffered a family loss. We got together several times to work through grief.

She’s helped me understand ways to train my horses, and last year, I asked Noell to train my mares to go into a two-horse straight-in trailer. They had been used to entering a big wide horse trailer and refused to go into one little and more narrow. Patient and consistent Noell accomplished our goal in short order.

I’ve been eager to visit these leggy babies and learn about plans for their futures. And to take pictures! There’s nothing cuter than a baby of any kind. Foals are fun just to watch. And because an experienced “horse eye” can see a baby’s potential for athleticism and performance in its very-apparent early structure.

My plans for this visit have been on hold through our chilly wet weather. They’ll be realized on this beautiful day.

Dear Friends: This breed’s strength, capacity, and loyalty, have ingrained Appaloosas in history. Diana

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