Appy Babies

Friday, June 11, 2021   (June’s full [“Strawberry”] moon rises in 13 days, on the 24th.)

The Oregon Cascades, from far left, Broken Top, followed by South Sister and Middle and North Sisters. An unencumbered panorama, it’s the view from my friend Noell’s Desert Spirit Appaloosa Horse Ranch, which faces west and sets high. My somewhat limited camera skills easily captured this mountain string.

I visited Noell’s to see the spring babies now ranging from two weeks to a month old. Some were born with spots, some without. Noell DNA tests every foal to reveal which will shed its solid color for a new coat that’s spotted, and which will regrow solid-colors. The DNA data ensures that regardless of color it’s a foundation Appaloosa.

Regardless of how eventually their coats might be colored, these babies are adorable.

A bit of history. Last year, Noell lost her beloved elderly mare, April, who had been bred by, doted on, and ridden by Noell’s mother, who long ago passed away suddenly. For Noell, loosing April (a maiden mare) was nearly sad as when she lost her own mom. Now in a renewal of sorts, Noell intends to keep the two new fillies, but couldn’t bring herself to re-use the name April. She’s excited though and eager to train, play with, and ride them.

This baby like her mom will be white, and DNA says she’ll keep her lovely dark front and legs.

Noell’s other chosen little one will grow to maturity in her current solid color, a lovely coat of rich chestnut.

This is a month-old, solid-dark colt, his topside already reaches to my shoulder. He’s bold and friendly, and after weaning will go to Texas where he’ll help to found an Appaloosa breeding program.

One who loves horses, and is among a bunch of them on a beautiful afternoon under a fabulous sky, struggles to depart empty-handed. A solution is to capture memories, and to plan periodic returns to see them growing and learning.

Dear Friends: Mama horses are protective, and among the babies I moved slowly and carefully. Diana

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