A Company of Geniuses

Monday, June 14, 2021 (Only 13 more days until June’s full [Strawberry] moon rises.)

This little city of Bend, Oregon, is most interesting. It’s surrounded by outdoors opportunities and has an interesting population mix. Many are conservatives representing forestry, farming, and ranching, and others are modern independents, capable with technology and able to work from home over distances.

Bend’s surroundings of forest and desert, mountains and canyons, invite athleticism and adventure, and bring new resident inflows. The newbies initiate key social changes, for example, they’ve transformed this county into a liberal environment!

I recognized the changing through years working part-time in Bend’s Costco. Observing and engaging with customers revealed newly-mixing social and political views. It happens I’m not athletic, but became a horseback rider, thus experiencing many of this area’s complex surroundings. Becoming friends with neighborhood residents put me into contract with several very bright and outdoorsy individuals.

This takes my story today to specific neighbors and friends, Dale and Susie Neubauer. They’re the designers, manufacturers, and shippers of “Heliladder”, a creative and beautiful, highly functional ladder. It’s modular and stands independently on a cantilevered base. The modularity conforms to a helicopter’s curves, and the cantilevering allows repair access without leaning a ladder against and possibly damaging a ‘copter.

The Neubauers are intrepid outdoors adventurers. They described a project in which they’re involved, leading me to learn of Goeff Babb, their long-time, equally adventurous friend. In the early 2000s, Goeff suffered a couple of strokes that curtailed his participation in the rugged outdoors. He’s very creative and began dreaming about creating a wheelchair that could go wherever he wished outdoors (e.g., areas with mountains and canyons). He and his friend Dale teamed, and for years the geniuses collaborated over chair ideas and designs. Now, they’ve achieved physically a mutual vision, The AdvenChair.

This weekend, my Heliladder friends invited me to their shop. There, Goeff, Dale, Susie, volunteering friends and their ladder-builders would be crewing to assemble ten AdvenChairs. Each has a buyer waiting who’s thrilled about enabling a loved one, with action-limiting muscle and nerve conditions, to venture into the outdoors.

The excitement was catching, and here are some of my observations.

This assembled AdvenChair receives an assembly and quality assessment.

For a rider the AdvenChair has many safety features. For a team handler it has special handles to ease moving a sitting person’s weight. Beyond safety features and handling ease, the chair is adjustable to accommodate individual heights and muscular needs. It’s constructed to be among very rugged conditions and has knobby-wide tires for all terrains.

A look at safe seating, all-terrain tires, and directional flexibility.

Testing seat fit and locating identifying details of an assembled AdvenChair.

These hunky chairs can fit into almost any space, go through any doorway, and will travel anywhere–to and from mountain tops, and equally, to and from canyon bottoms. Goeff emphasizes that the chair is designed for a team. It’s un-motorized, requiring riders aiming toward an untamed outdoors to have team helpers to manipulate and navigate.

Goeff articulated his brand moto, “A chair that can go where no other chairs dare venture.”

The shop had an atmosphere of anticipation, fun, and excitement, in assembling and making final assessments.

Among those bringing to fruition these ten AdvenChairs: Dale, Goeff, and Susie.

This week, the “Oregon Field Guide” is sending its production team to HeliLadder. They’ll create a Public Television presentation highlighting the AdvenChair and its life-changing capabilities. (With thanks to my friend and fellow full-moon chaser, Susie, today’s “Morning Blog” pre-scoops Public Television.)

Please watch for Public Television’s segment on the AdventurChair. The videography team for Oregon Field Guide excels absolutely.

Bottom line, Goeff’s dream is a piece de resistance of design and capability. It’s beautiful and a knockout of flexibility, comfortability, and safety. And best, for challenging the outdoors, it calls for a team of participants. Altogether a very cool product.

Visiting Goeff’s site teaches more about a very creative individual, and reveals the details and options for his amazing all-terrain AdvenChair: https://www.advenchair.com/

Dear Friends: Who’d a’thought, that a wheelchair or ladder could knock our socks off! Diana

5 thoughts on “A Company of Geniuses

  1. Geoff was a client at Healing Reins when I volunteered there. I led various large draft horses for his sessions. I found him so upbeat and inspiring. One afternoon some snow slid off the indoor arena roof and spooked “Lady” and Geoff was thrown. He didn’t bat an eye and was good natured and philosophical about the incident. I reacted less favorably and became intimidated by the large mare. She reacted perfectly to his unseating and swung away from him. Geoff looms large in my memory and I am not surprised that his positive energy and capable and creative mind have been instrumental in the development of this adventure chair.

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