Amanpour Returns!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 (In 12 more days June’s fullest [Strawberry] moon will rise.)

For a month I sorely missed Christiane Amanpour’s presence on “Amanpour & Company”, her late evening news and opinion interviews. Several years ago, her nightly hour became the replacement for Charlie Rose’s dropped show.

About Charlie, I loved and rarely missed his interviews. Unfortunately, there were two Charlies. The one on television always well-informed about his interviewees was an insightful, sensitive interviewer. The real life Charlie, exposed during #metoo, was a sexual predator using power and influence to harass women off-camera. It was crushing to learn Charlie’s offensive behavior. I’d immediately and easily dismissed Harvey Weinstein, but was heartbroken acknowledging Charlie’s disgrace.

Public Television was unprepared to pull his show, needed months to find a suitable replacement, the choice was Christiane, and right on. She once was CNN’s well-known, very brave newsperson who’d appear nightly and broadcasting from the very middle of a heated conflict somewhere in the world. She was articulate and likeable, yet tough and direct. Eventually she married, stopped chasing battles, did more commentary.

Today, she’s the Chief International Anchor for CNN, hosts CNN’s International’s nightly interview program “Amanpour”, and for PBS heads “Amanpour & Company”.

From 2018, she’s nightly appeared in Charlie’s old time slot. I sometimes listen to podcasts and fill-in quick points missed while watching. Christiane is confident, well-informed, goes straight to the heart of matters, won’t let anybody off the hook. And best always remains likeable.

Last night, immediately on returning to her show, she explained having been on medical leave for ovarian cancer. She’s undergone successful surgery, will continue receiving chemotherapy, appears healthy and energetic. After explaining to us her absence, she went straight to work interviewing a former key member of the Israeli government.

All that is a model for The Modern Woman–smart, capable, independent, able to confront and overcome serious challenges. Essentially, one who’s self-confident and optimistic.

Dear Friends: An exciting return. May she handle chemo well, and keep keeping us informed. Diana

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