A Summer Day

Sunday, June 20, 2021 (In 4 days, June’s fullest [Strawberry] moon will rise.)

The full Strawberry Moon is shaping up and yesterday rose showing three-quarters. Three-quarters moons make me feel happy because they look huggable. I captured the emerging Strawberry yesterday at mid-afternoon in a beautiful sky. The full version moon will rise on Thursday.

Yesterday’s early morning sky predicted a gorgeous summer day. Working down at the barn and looking up, I saw “mare’s tails” clouds. They’re long, thin, wispy, and resemble a horse’s flowing tail. As those clouds promised, the day’s weather remained pleasant.

So much in fact that I set the chicks’ brooder outside, allowing the babies hours of sunshine and natural warmth. They’re happy outdoors, alternately chirping quietly or engaging in brief squawking anxieties. It’s time they’re free and roaming outdoors. I thought of an easy way to out them.

A large area adjacent to the chicken coop has a small doorway that can be shut against exits and entries. In that area the babies safely could wander and learn. They and my one mature hen and twin goats could learn to become comfortable together, across a generous chicken-wire fence.

That’s to become today’s project. Clean and sequester the adjacent area, and move-in a spare dog Igloo to house the chicks before they’ll join the other residents. I’ll prepare the area, carry chicks into the sequestered space and set them free. It’ll be fun, watching the changing develop.

Speaking of fun, a neighbor, Kristen, was batching-it for the weekend and decided to host a girls night out. Her impromptu gathering included Susie, Laura, and Lara’s friend Lynn (from Eugene), me and Kristen.

Susie, Laura, and Lynn were just back from bicycling miles in the McKenzie Pass. I had completed essential ranching chores. Kristen on-the-spur had managed to whip-up one of her fab, very-low-carb, keto deserts.

The day couldn’t have been better.

Dear Friends: Plans are good, and so at times are pop-ups–serendipitous ideas and activities. Diana

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