Moving Day

Hard to count, but here are all 7 chicks

Monday, June 21, 2021 (In 3 days, June’s fullest [Strawberry] moon will rise.)

Yesterday was “chickies-move day”. I went early to clean the area where they’d be housed. I raked, picked up, and tried to think creatively how to move the chicks. Their brooder, a 100-gallon watering trough, had to be taken from the garage, moved about one hundred yards downhill to where they’d live the rest of their lives.

My options weren’t easy, because the brooder’s bulky weight, with bedding and chicks, needed careful handling for safety. Yesterday was Father’s Day, too. I swallowed hard, thinking of interrupting a family, but did ask my friend Susie for help. She had hiking plans with her husband and son, but that afternoon was very hot, offering her a window of free time. Susie kindly bicycled over.

She’s unafraid of physical work and we hatched a plan. Together we’d lift the brooder up and into my Gater’s cargo bed. We’d drive downhill to the coop area, and unload the brooder onto a sled. We’d pull that loaded sled to the designated chick space, and then, unload and release the babies one-by-one.

Loaded Gater
Securing cargo
En Route
Perfect mobility

Upon being released the babies were cautious and confused, but not for long. Soon they began trying to climb on the area’s enhancements.

Trying to balance on a ground pole
First freedom, exploring

After a bit the flock discovered its supplies of food, water, and chickie-grit. The littlest two, Welsummer and Amber (both a week younger), followed cautiously.

Job well done! We had secured the area by closing off two exits. We had moved the chicks and safely to where they’ll get to know an elderly hen and twin goats (and vice versa). After a couple of weeks the babies won’t be area intruders and may freely join Big Welsummer and the twins.

Oh Happy Day! Got new chicks, got ’em feathered, got ’em moved, and next, we’ll get eggs.

To Wonderful Susie, thank you!

Dear Friends: Thanks to the heavens for friends! Diana

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