Messenger Sky

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 (Tomorrow evening, June’s fullest [Strawberry] moon will rise.)

The area where I live has crazy weather. Over the last two evenings, we’ve huddled through electrical storms. Maybe other parts of town received rain but not mine. Here, my dogs, terrified by thunder, have scratched mightily on outside woodwork, window screens, and glass doorways, trying to gain entry. Once inside none relaxes, and all huddle around me waiting for a thunderbolt to finish us all.

Some of the big bolts are very ferocious, as if announcing the known world’s ending.

National newspapers carry stories daily about more excessive heat blanketing America’s west. My cousin Mary lives in Los Angeles, and says it’s been hot enough there to make breathing difficult.

The reason, global warming. We can recall years of lagging belief by many world leaders and like-thinking followers who refused, at least publicly, to acknowledge global warming’s existence and impact. (Hat’s off to Al Gore.)

During mesmerizing events like electrical storms, one considers checking last year’s calendar to remember what weather type then held sway. I didn’t check my calendar, because of having an entirely new perception. After my years in Central Oregon and looking out a window, I saw for the first time that the atmosphere “looked green”.

Then for the first time I associated our Central Oregon weather to that of summertime Midwest where I used to live. There we feared tornadoes, and during tornado watches, I’d stand outside looking for an atmospheric tint of green. Seeing that suggested a funnel en route and announced, “Get into shelter!”

My complete surprise yesterday on seeing green suggested weather that differed from last year’s.

There’s plenty of evidence, personal and economic, supporting a reality of changing climate. Moreover, the changes are ongoing with out-of-pattern weather continuing to surprise and worry us.

Dear Friends: I’m a brain-button ahead of my dogs and nearly as terrified by crashing thunders. Diana

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