Hail Storm

Thursday, June 24, 2021 (This evening, June’s fullest [Strawberry] moon rises.)

Too often, I’m a day late and a dollar short!

Recently I transformed my RV garage from hay storage into a crafting environment. I used to enjoy doing a little woodworking and wished to begin again.

That was before I checked today’s wood prices. I can’t afford decent wood!

To fill time until I can afford desirable wood, it seemed a good idea to go out to get a handle on what’s available, and set eventual buying targets. Yesterday I visited several local home supply centers, to learn what’s actually available and for how much.

I was in Lowe’s when thunders began sounding. Oh, I thought, another dry electrical storm. But soon rain began hitting the roof. I ignored the sounds until they came faster and harder. The rain was growing big and my dogs would be trying to get inside the house.

I hurried to an exit, and there was stopped from leaving by a huge, hard hail storm.

In the photograph, there’s my red Jeep parked nearly one-hundred yards away–with its windows open! The day’s temperature had hovered around ninety degrees. Who’d a worried!

Waiting for the hail to stop wasn’t a possibility. Consistently, it came, hard and slanting, and ever more so as a small crowd of us wanting to leave watched.

Finally, I just went for it and hurried straight into that hail. My head and face were slammed by blistering bullets before I managed to climb into a front seat where I landed in a puddle of water and ice.

I drove barely able to see ahead the road. But here’s a thing about this town. Leaving its west side and entering its east side can be akin to experiencing two different weather worlds. Once I reached the east side, and suddenly, no rain or hail. Streets were dry as a bone. I arrived home greeted by unconcerned dogs.

I’ve described our recent, dry, thunder and lightening events. That’s what happened here on the east side, but over across town, they faced an entirely different weather event.

Dear Friends: I’ll get creative and play with leftover wood scraps from old remodeling projects. Diana

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