Strawberry Moon

Desert Sunset

Friday, June 25, 2021 In 28 days, July’s fullest moon (“Thunder”) will rise.)

Late in the evening, Susie and I headed toward the eastern desert and out to greet June’s Strawberry Moon.

This moon arrives on the heels of the summer solstice and longer daylight, which makes it rise later than other full moons.

Susie drove following her compass in a direction of anticipated moon-rise, winding up in Alfalfa, a nearby community. We searched for a place to park and wait, without trees interrupting views of the horizon.

We parked in a farmer’s field. Nearby in the near-darkness, he drove his tractor and plowed hay while ignoring our intrusion.

Behind us, the western sky was alight. The header photo (above) captures that sunset. Here’s another, which details the mesmerizing sky.

Ahead in the east’s semi-darkness as the farmer plowed, Susie and I set up to wait for the moment of moon rise. We settled into deck chairs with cameras waiting beside us. We munched shrimp and raised our beers in salute to the upcoming moon.

Suddenly through total darkness, Susie’s quick eye caught a glimmer, “Here it comes!” We scrambled for our cameras.

It’s a near-mystical human experience, the very-first glimpse of distant light in its instant of breaking darkness. The moon’s just-beginning glow is a sort-of dopamine, invigorating primitive-like great joy and deep relief.

Powered by the moon, we dance in its rising light.

Susie and I are a moon-chasing team wearing matching jackets, swapping cameras back and forth. We don’t care later who captured which picture.

The end-page for our June Chase is this team photo, highlighted by the Strawberry Super Moon.

Dear Friends: Have fun–plant a flower, adopt a tree, love the moon–enjoy being alive. Diana

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