Distance Is Relative

Forest trail

Tuesday, July 13, 2021 — (In 10 days, July’s fullest moon [“Thunder”] will rise.)

The header photo is a quick snap of the trail-area in which my horses, dogs, and I traveled yesterday. It’s a lovely, shady experience out among big trees. Heat loving wildflowers that have popped up offer captivating spots of color.

Our ride was a little longer than planned. Soon after we started, Rosie (the horse I rode) spotted a shining white side of a big truck, parked ahead about a hundred feet and directly on our trail. Rosie doesn’t like objects that didn’t belong, and instantly, she tried turning us around.

Correcting Rosie is too hard when also I’m holding the rope of our accompanying riderless horse (Sunni). Relatively helpless with my hands full, I let Rosie alter the route to our forest-trail destination.

So, my dogs instead of running two-to-three miles had to cover over four. Still, not too bad, as none began lagging or limping. Otherwise, everything was good in the air. Aside from the little visual bump, Rosie couldn’t have been better. Oddly, Sunni seemed easier to lead.

To clarify about leading Sunni, she’s always very willing and in good mood. She’s easy to lead, except for taking any opportunities to grab at grass. That makes Rosie envious, and I keep us all moving by working to keep Sunni moving.

Also, I count dogs. And, I listen for a big cowbell hanging from the halter of my donkey Pimmy. If there’s no distant clanging, we in the lead pause. The dogs hang out, the horses graze, and finally, Pimmy and her bell catch up.

Our ride was nice, and as we returned, I noticed far ahead a shine from the white slab. Wanting to avoid talkback from Rosie, I moved us toward that longer route.

That truck! Any other day, our ride could have been, as planned, only two-to-three miles, all in forest.

Dear Friends: Rosie’s right, it’s rude to park a motorized large vehicle on a popularly-used trail. Diana

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