Learning Mode

Wednesday, July 14, 2021 — (In 9 days, July’s fullest moon [“Thunder”] will rise.)

Yes, he/she still is “my baby”, well nowadays part-time. The now post-fledgling flies and hunts, and two or three times daily also swishes out of the air and lands at my feet for an easy meal from mom. I’m a pushover, stocking worms and small fruits, avoiding overfeeding, and enjoying our brief encounters, this wonderful opportunity to observe a Robin’s transition into full adulthood. This one’s breast still has spots but its becoming redder. At some point, baby’s visits will stop.

I’m not a passionate gardener but should be, because this season the bird’s needs have taught me. A journey began by my sense of the importance of keeping a garden area, and wet, so baby could learn to hunt. I expanded the wet property on east into a wild section. In time, too, for once the Robin had figured out that it could fly among tree branches, it began to explore and peck on the ground.

For me, the wet expanse has provided unexpected beauty. The little garden area alongside my house is planted with flowering bought items. East and among rocks are native plants, and a few revived leftovers from the former homeowner. Besides suddenly loving the east side of my house, I might revive a neglected weedy section on the west side.

Moreover, the east side invites critters that I’ve been missing. The bird population has increased. Lizards that anyway always are residents now are joined by chipmunks. The other day, I spotted a young Rockchuck (Marmot), which didn’t make me happy but its attraction to the environment makes sense.

Here’s a young visitor that although destructive is pleasing, for after all, what kid didn’t love Thumper!

Dear Friends: How an orphaned baby bird encouraged my routines and interests to expand. Diana

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