Sun, Oh Sun

Thursday, July 15, 2021 — (In 8 days, July’s fullest moon [“Thunder”] will rise.)

It’s a challenge to photograph great and powerful sunsets in a manner that does real justice. This area’s smokey atmosphere from wildfires is producing ongoing spectacular settings. Last evening’s caught my eye as I finished with the horses.

I hurried into the house, grabbed a couple of cameras, and began hurrying from one side of the property to another. The sun’s brightness forced me to find a position allowing for non-blinding opportunities to shoot, thus protecting the lenses of camera and naked eye.

There surely are special camera lenses that enable shooting straight-into-sun. They’re not in my world, but I wished to record the alight entire globe with surrounding lights, and just before it set. At worst, I’d capture its afterglow, and nice, but not enough.

That setting circle hovering slightly over the mountainous horizon quickly was disappearing as I hurried from one watching spot to another. I repeated many steps in order to re-check the possibilities.

I couldn’t plan for a straight-on spectacular picture, because of needing to veil the sun’s brightness. An optimal on-the-spot solution was to find appropriate tree limbs. Big problem, because available limbs either obliterated light too much or tamped it too little.

This capture, taken moments before the header shot, actually is of more globe but doesn’t appear so, because brightness needed hiding. Thus, the sun already seems partly disappeared behind a horizon line.

While relatively happy with these pictures, I’ll attempt to rise better to the challenge of capturing really-good sunsets. I’ll prepare in advance for this evening’s, and maybe be able to capture a vision more stimulating of the sunlit dreaminess.

Dear Friends: It’s about an inborn love of light, and finding ways to be “Stomping At The Savoy”. Diana

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