Friday, July 16, 2021 — (In 7 days, July’s fullest moon [“Thunder”] will rise.)

On these hot days not many activities can beat riding on horseback and following a forest trail.

The horses, dogs, and I have been out to find and explore obscure old trails winding through dense trees. Those old pathways beaten-in long ago, probably by horses, today are sustained by the hooves of wild roamers and seasonally-active on-foot hunters.

My dogs are arthritic to various degrees. I’ve been concerned about them accompanying horses on trails and over-exercising. A pleasant discovery has been that keeping the horses at a walk tends to keep my dogs at a walk and they’re not pushing themselves. Walking tours are fun enough, and they’re turning out to be less stressful for all.

Something interesting is my smallest dog, Louie, refusing to go on trails with his buddies. He starts out with the pack and totally disappears after about a hundred yards. Louie is about twelve years old, has spent most of his life running in front on horse trails. He’s a smart fellow who’s made a decision, and knows how to toss in the towel while refusing to be left home.

He’s a cute mini-Aussie, but kidnapping Louie wouldn’t be easy. He doesn’t enjoy being approached or handled by strangers, and his world-class stink-eye kills an outsider’s interest. So, while the rest of us choose to go, Louie chooses to be a rig guard.

These are weeks of transition. This season’s extremely hot weather has hindered my animals and me being out and on the go. Now finally, we’re getting back into a routine and that feels pretty good.

Especially, too, as our walking exercises are working out for the dogs. Plus, our Louie needn’t be left out.

Dear Friends: Time flies, and already summer is half-past, but much remains to do, to observe. Diana

2 thoughts on “Tracking

  1. After yesterday’s blog it occurred to me that the tale of baby Robin’s rescue and raising should be made into an entertaining and learning experience in a child’s book with photos & your special writing talent. That’s a book that will sell❣️❣️❣️🥰

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  2. A great suggestion, Mary. Baby has flown, didn’t see it at all yesterday, and happy it’s doing wild bird things. I’m still processing, and yes, the story could become a little book. The experience was fun, much of it already written, and maybe it’s worthwhile to explore the self-publishing world. Stay tuned! Thank you.


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