Driving Daze

Friday, July 23, 2021 — (Tonight July’s full moon [“Thunder”] will rise at its fullest.)

My neighbor Frank captured this distant shot of me driving Rosie away from our properties. Thank you, Frank!

Yesterday, for the first time in two years, I drove both my horses, separately. During last year’s pandemic, I didn’t once hitch up. This week, for the first time, I looked for stored carriage parts and put them together. After assembling the unit, I began re-learning in real time how to harness a horse.

Each horse waited patiently while I fiddled with their harnesses, and even more patiently as I attempted to hitch their cart. A horse while being hitched must not move, not even slightly, as a driver arranges the rig’s position and secures the harnessing.

My Sunni is a champion, just ask her to stand still and she does. Rosie, while a more nervous type, knows the job and waited correctly.

Until now, like our driving equipment, both horses more or less have just hung around the last couple of years. They’re not in condition for the effort of driving. I surprised myself yesterday by deciding to give a go to driving each. Fortunately, both were wonderful. Each pulled our vehicle over a three-mile loop, and while tired from exercise remained spirited and willing.

They were rewarded with lots of extra, well-deserved hay.

I feel great in returning to driving mode. Secretly, I wondered if I’d remember how to harness and hitch. Maybe I’d need a refresher lesson? Anyway I tried, and as anticipated fumbled and made mistakes, but my knowing, patient, fabulous horses made success possible.

Alternating their exercises will increase strength. Today, the horses will mosey in the forest–easy and relaxing, and tomorrow again will be driven. They’ll also be exercised on long lines.

On another note, yesterday evening we moon-chasers, Susie and I, went east and photographed the rising full moon. That new moon wasn’t aligned with the sun, as tonight it will be, but uniquely was a very beautiful moon. Tomorrow, I’ll post our pictures and write about that moon.

Dear Friends: There are so many possibilities, to see, do, enjoy, and most of all appreciate. Diana

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