Chasing “Thunder” Moon

Sunset preceding moon-rise

Saturday, July 24, 2021 — (In 29 days, August’s full “Sturgeon” moon will rise nearest to earth.)

July’s “Thunder” or “Buck” moon was at its fullest in last night’s sky, and glorious to behold. My friend Susie and I have been chasing monthly fullest rising moons by driving east into the desert and searching for an unobstructed view of horizon. We enjoy seeing, appreciating, and photographing just-rising full moons.

An attraction to moon risings probably comes from primitive human needs for light, to interrupt darkness and bring a feeling of safety. While we wait to sight a new globe, we chat, and then grab cameras to capture a moon’s rising. Like kids we laugh, dance with cameras, and share a comforting sense that all seems right.

Regardless of how many social, economic, and technical changes impact human lives, our solar system consistently is dependable. Earth’s turnings relative to sun and moon are unchanging, and any month’s fullest moon, regardless of its various names, gloriously becomes visible and reassuring.

This month, we went out to shoot a day before the sun and moon would become enough aligned to reflect light and create color. This July’s rising full moon was a vision of pale beauty, uniquely ghost-like and magnetic.

We had parked and set up chairs in some farmer’s “trash field”. Our foreground had trashed implements, our middle ground had field and farm structures, and our distant horizon had a newly rising full moon.

That moon was ghostly and rising magnificently.

Until, finally…

We were in matching Moon Chaser jackets and dancing with cameras!

Our “Thunder Moon” team” image that Susie has named, “Teeth and Moon”!

Dear Friends: Nature offers lots of cheap fun, and taking advantage of that always is the best! Diana

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