Driving Sunni

Sunday, July 25, 2021 —(In 28 days, August’s full “Sturgeon” moon will rise nearest to earth.)

There are days when my internet doesn’t work well enough to move photos from their sources to my laptop. This is one of those days. Fortunately, there are alternate ways to accomplish things. Instead of new images from my iPhone, “the Cloud” will provide a stored relevant visual.

Right now, my biggest interests have to do with driving my horses. First, because that activity will exercise and condition them. Second, because a fellow driver and I are arranging a play date. She lives east of town, and on a little-traveled street. It almost perfectly will accommodate horses and vehicles. We want to drive together but in separate vehicles.

I didn’t anticipate so soon being confronted with a need to transport my two-wheeled cart. (Today’s header photo shows Sunni pulling a different vehicle.) My horse trailer has been modified to carry the 2-wheel cart and a single horse, a combo last loaded a couple of years ago. To accomplish loading, unloading, and reassembling of the cart, the sequential steps require accuracy.

The fellow who modified my trailer, a clever and creative engineer, accounted too little for differences between his physical strengths and mine. He had great ideas but left me in need of strength assistance. In time, by doing some after-creating, I could accomplish loading and unloading without assistance.

Next week, and wanting to collaborate with a fellow driver, I must step up to the plate and work to recall how to haul a cart and horse. It’ll require remembering each all the process steps, recalling all their bits and pieces, and hands-on, real-time practicing.

Fortunately, Sunni always collaborates willingly and patiently.

Dear Friends: Sometimes we need a “thinking partner”, to ease the recalling and doing. Diana

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