Horse Play

Monday, July 25, 2021 —(In 27 days, August’s full “Sturgeon” moon will rise nearest to earth.)

To satisfy curiosity about the cart which I load into a horse trailer, and with a horse, here it is. The cart has two-wheels, is very heavy, and from its pole tip to the wheel rear is sixteen feet.

Its shafts are removable at joints which in the photo look taped. Removing its shafts shortens the rig four feet, just enough to carry in the horse trailer separated poles upright beside the cart. The cart is heavy and the trailer has a winch that pulls it up ramps into the cargo area. Tolerances are tight, and a swinging gate sequesters the cart and leaves safe space for a driving horse.

There always are ways to accomplish goals.

The cargo area is sixteen feet long. The whole cart can fit in it, but doesn’t leave room for a horse. Added space was created by cutting into the trailer’s tack room wall. That has enabled loading the cart, storing shafts upright, and having space for a horse.

It’s wonderful being able to load the cart and a driving horse, and to head to public trails. A horse can pull nicely through soft trail and road dirt. I watch for intruding tree roots and rocks. A horse and cart can continue over most obstacles, but a cart tips. A driver (and passenger) slides toward the downward side while trying to counterbalance the tipping.

Very little matches the greatness of being in the natural, rugged outdoors. Always memorable, on foot, on horseback, or in a non-motorized vehicle.

Dear Friends: Tomorrow’s team driving adventure offers a fun kick into this driving summer. Diana

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