In The Moment

Creative shading for paddock

Tuesday, July 26, 2021 —(In 26 days, August’s full “Sturgeon” moon will rise nearest to earth.)

Life teaches us to anticipate that plans may change. Any interference may occur suddenly. Like my planned team-driving event, with Joan, scheduled for this morning and off as of yesterday.

Joan and her husband, Dennis, now are on the last leg of their 18-hour drive to Tucson. They learned yesterday morning that their AZ home is completely flooded by an active monsoon. Joan facing an emergency needed a care plan for her four horses.

Our mutual friend, Julie, and I, volunteered to help. She and I are taking morning and evening shifts to feed and clean-up after Joan’s horses, until Joan and Dennis return to Bend.

This reinforces my experience with “horse people”. We’re easily recognized as being a little crazy and for complicated reasons. Our common bottom line in assessing a possible friendship might be how well an individual cares for a horse or horses, physically and emotionally. We learn that horse people are likely to pitch in to help one another when a key goal is keeping a horse, or horses, well and safe.

Most of us city folks who have horses lack adequate pasture areas on which to leave them able to eat and safely be contained. Our beasts become accustomed to living in dry lot spaces and periodically receiving feedings. We can’t leave our horses over several hours without providing alternate and dependable care for them.

Fortunately, Joan, Julie, and I had arranged for a play day, and so, there were horsey buddies willing to pitch in and enable Joan to rush to that flood emergency. She’s sharing with Dennis the many hours of driving to reach their damaged home.

Julie and I are long time friends (including her husband, Dave). We’re horse-lovers, book-readers, and often ride our horses together. We can collaborate effectively, especially in Joan’s well-organized setup, and her horses all nice animals.

If later we again plan to drive our horses together (but separately) east of town in Joan’s quiet area, that’ll be good. Meanwhile as usual when sudden needs overcome plans, we’re all totally “in the moment”.

Dear Friends: My two horses continue to hitch, drive, and shape up, each making me proud. Diana

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