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Wednesday, July 28, 2021 —(In 25 days, August’s full “Sturgeon” moon will rise nearest to earth.)

I grew up during the the post World War II years in a dysfunctional family. My childhood lessons relative to achieving success in adulthood were, (1) find a husband and (2) learn typing and become a secretary.

I failed to achieve the first goal but easily mastered the art of typing, rapidly and accurately which did land clerical and secretarial jobs. Eventually, social changes occurred with higher education becoming available in night programs. Quick typing facilitated my long years of effort toward a Ph.D., while also a self-supporting, full-time clerical worker.

In my history, family understanding and support barely existed, and social attitudes severely limited women’s opportunities to attain rewarding roles outside the home. After the Vietnam War, this began changing through years of social unrest and opposition to traditional roles of men and women.

Today and remembering that history, I became introduced to Joclyn Bell. She was Irish-born in post WWII years, and despite social limits, managed to fight her way to education and career.

This morning’s key newspapers carry stories about Bell. The NYT offers a superb video history. She had family support and a drive to became formally educated. She became the astronomer who in 1967 discovered the existence of solar pulsars. At that time, Bell, a graduate student at Cambridge, was assisting a male astronomer. He and his supervisor ultimately claimed credit for discovering pulsars and won the Nobel Prize.

Bell explains charmingly and wisely her career, how eventually she became recognized as the individual responsible for discovering pulsars. Last Thursday, she formally was recognized for the discovery, will receive a $3 million Breakthrough Prize. It’s a special award granted only three times in history.

This video is attractive, its powerful subject matter sends me back in time. It’s superbly produced, has an excellent flow that includes historical footage. It’s very worth viewing and knowing Jocelyn Bell.

Dear Friends: Constant social shiftings, as societies keep trying to adjust human opportunities. Diana

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  1. I will look forward to watching that video. As usual, I have procrastinated about getting ready for my niece and her 10 year old son who arrive this afternoon. 😜 Joan’s horses all so different. I’m a sucker for Beau but enjoy all of them. 🙃

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