Eye Of The Beholder

Evening Robins

Monday, August 09, 2021 —(In 13 days, August’s full “Sturgeon” moon will rise nearest to earth.)

For days I’ve been modifying a stand that supports the horse cart. The stand, created by a fabricator, couldn’t remain upright on its own. It had too-small wheels that couldn’t be moved easily-enough over gravel. I wanted an enlarged stand support, so it independently remains upright. I wanted on the stand larger wheels for rolling over gravel.

Experience has taught my lack of the abstracting skills needed to visualize end products. I just work step-by-step, deal with trial-and-error (do-and-re-do), and hope for desirable results. This time, winding up with something unattractive and a little difficult to work with, I didn’t take pictures. Anyway, it’ll probably need rebuilding, perhaps becoming more photo-worthy.

Today, I’ll use the revised stand and load the cart into my horse trailer. Renewed configurations call for a few different loading steps. But now, I can roll stand and cart over gravel to the trailer and into position for loading. My loading ramps need to accommodate the larger wheels. Once inside, the cart needs new ways of securing.

I’ve thought long about changing this stand, but last year during the pandemic didn’t bother bringing the cart from storage. Now starting again to drive the horses, I began on the stand. Plus, I’ve been motivated by a self-imposed deadline. My plan tomorrow to drive a horse east of town demands loading and hauling.

The current modifications might not work, and luckily, I’ve friends who do visualize effectively. Maybe they could offer bailout advice to help me rebuild better.

Dear Friends: My plan to drive tomorrow is seeming like, “Get me to the church on time!” Diana

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