New Driving Venues

Canal in summer

Tuesday, August 10, 2021 —(In 12 days, August’s full “Sturgeon” moon will rise nearest to earth.)

This is a quick “Good morning!” I’m about to go feed the horses. Afterwards I’ll load one and haul away for a driving adventure. Our destination is a semi-rural, east-of-the-city neighborhood.

Yesterday I did manage to get the horse cart loaded and secured in my horse trailer. The loading process needed a little re-engineering. My revised cart-stand needs minor modifications, but everything looks okay for later this morning. I’ll be able to unload, hitch, and drive my horse.

The horse will be dependable Sunni. Our passenger will be my long-time friend, Julie, another horse fancier. We going to drive in her neighborhood.

For me, this will be the beginning for driving in other local neighborhoods. Some areas nearby are paved and have relatively quiet streets. They’re older neighborhoods. A few boast small properties with horses and other large farm-associated pets. That will become a new way to adventure with my horses.

Right now I’m off to feed pets. Several famished, farmish-types impatiently await my appearance.

Dear Friends: Have a great day creating memories, choose an adventure and take pictures. Diana

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