Conestoga Hills

Sunni (photo by Julie Gilbert)

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 —(In 11 days, August’s full “Sturgeon” moon will rise nearest to earth.)

The wonderful header photo is of Sunni trotting through the Conestoga Hills. My friend, Julie, is with me in the cart. We’re enjoying yesterday’s beautiful morning.

The trip to Conestoga was for more than just driving. That was a real-time opportunity to unload and reload the horse cart that I had modified. The changes altered how that cart unit fits into my horse trailer.

Julie’s husband, Dave, helped load and unload the cart. He offered good suggestions for improving the processes. After we assembled the art and hitched Sunni, Dave rode along, his first time in the cart.

Dave aboard, Julie’s photo

We looped the neighborhood for a couple of miles before returning to our starting point. There, Julie climbed aboard and Sunni took us several more miles.

Conestoga Hills is a lovely development east of the city with quiet streets. There, the Gilberts have a home. Just down the road from their place is a BLM trailhead with miles of horse trails. They ride horseback there often, and several times I’ve joined them.

Conestoga’s local streets are perfect for driving a horse. Periodically, that will be my plan.

In a week or so, I hope to take Sunni’s sister, Rosie, and drive her there. A good way to introduce her to street driving somewhere other than our local neighborhood roads. Rosie is a fun driving horse, but slightly hyper-vigilant and less easygoing than Sunni. She will move nicely through quiet Conestoga streets.

Finally, a last capture by Julie. We love this pony.

After driving

Thanks to the Gilberts for helping with the cart and for riding along. From my driving perspective, it’s always more fun with a passenger along. Especially one who can appreciate and enjoy a fine horse doing its work.

Dear Friends: A fabulous way to enjoy the city, behind a horse through quiet neighborhoods. Diana

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