Tuesday, August 17, 2021 —(In 5 days, August’s full “Sturgeon” moon will rise nearest to earth.)

The repairs that most were on my mind now are finished. I’ve rebuilt the horse carriage stand for easier handling. I’ve stabilized my horse trailer’s floor mat to facilitate loading the horse cart.

Now, I’m ready to start planning getaways, taking the horse and cart into other neighborhoods. A great way to explore is driving through an area. It’s just fun.

A new development here on the northeast side has a couple miles of paved road which dead ends. I must be certain the dead end has adequate space for my rig. Today I’ll take my Jeep there to check for room to park and turn around. If all’s okay, I’ll return home, load horse and cart, and start the adventure.

For this first drive, I’ll take my easiest horse, Sunni. We’ll check out the route. If the traveling is easy and without surprises, I’ll go again there and drive Rosie.

A new challenge will be taking photos along the route. That’ll mean pausing my horse long enough to handle a camera. The horses are accustomed to trotting steadily, with only brief walking and stopping. Well, the camera will wait for another outing. This time, it’ll be one of experiencing an entirely new route.

Dear Friends: Most residents and passersby enjoy seeing and hearing a working driving horse. Diana

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