Boiling Pot

Wednesday, August 18, 2021 —(In 4 days, August’s full “Sturgeon” moon will rise nearest to earth.)

Yesterday was a COLD day. I ended it in a winter jacket, wool hat, and gloves, while out feeding horses. Later, I revved-up the standby electric blanket. Today too will be cool, but tomorrow, temps will pop to the eighties. I no longer wonder why these weather patterns and simply go with the flow. So, for today, it’s a jacket, tomorrow it’s a t-shirt.

Changing conditions to worry about include the current situation in Afghanistan and what it means to the rest of our known world. I spent much of past days and this morning studying the yeas and nays, all interesting and disturbing.

I’m a woman who managed to achieve higher education. Having formal degrees brought very favorable differences into my life. It’s a small wonder that I’m caught now up by the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. It’ll mean a likely interference to previously gained rights of women and young girls. One reason is that most of the bearded street-level Taliban fighters are young men carring AK-47s. Passionate believers who lack formal educations, they have street power.

Today’s header, the NYT article, is by the Pakistani woman, Malala. She while young argued publicly in favor of formal education for women. In those days, speaking out as she did was risky business. An angry Taliban shot Malala in the face. She survived, has remained an international figure, and now is a scholar with a career. Today, she speaks to the likely renewal of that risky business, the defending of human rights in a re-evolving Afghanistan.

Dear Friends: Rapidly-changing societies require relevant education and open information. Diana

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