Perfect Storm

Sunset 8-25-21

Thursday, August 26, 2021 —(On September 20, the full moon, “Harvest”, will rise nearest to earth.)

The evening skies are awesome and compelling. There’s brightness from the sinking sun and fogginess from the smoke-filled atmosphere. It’s interesting what a camera might deliver from overhead.

An atmospheric condition calling attention is changing weather. Several months ago, our temps quickly switched from cold spring to hot summer. Now again and as suddenly, we’ve left hot summer to deal with cool autumn.

There’s no rain, and everywhere needs moisture.

My hay grower had a poor crop, couldn’t provide all his customers needed. He promised more hay, if his second crop yields decently. The hay delivery fellow affirmed the problem. Farmers are doling to customers. Here in Oregon, without melting mountain snow-packs to fill reservoirs, water in short supply means cutting back irrigation allowances.

The lack of rain suggests that second crops won’t yield enough hay to cover shortages. Fortunately, I’ve tended to hoard hay and have enough for my animals until next summer’s cuttings.

America’s lack of water is a dire situation, especially here in the west. Blame water shortages on environmental changes, but also, remember to follow the money. Water overuse and misuse is about politics and pricing, unfair distribution allotments, and inattentive citizens with sloppy-usage habits. There’s an innate human sense that water’s always available.

While a young woman I remember a new public lesson: Don’t Waste Water. I remember learning a new behavior of turning off the faucet while brushing my teeth. From those early awareness days, to these warning of water shortages in dire straits.

Changes in weather patterns, shortages of water, bungles among distribution channels, higher prices for everything, American Military’s hasty departure from a war zone, and so much more. These wrongs are exacerbated by a lingering, ever-frightening pandemic.

Dear Friends: Our world is Earth, needing everyone contributing toward its welfare and longevity. Diana

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